SAR was born in Brooklyn NY and raised in the neighborhoods of South Queens, he starting writing in 1977 in true graffiti form, tagging the insides and painting the outsides on NYC transit to the end of the clean train movement in the 1990s, representing THE MASTER BLASTERS and ROLLING THUNDER WRITERS with alliances with TOP RIS SV VOP UA MAFIA.

Many consider him a historian of BMT graffiti from his Queens neighborhood. During his days as a writer, he has traveled throughout Brooklyn,Bronx and Queens and has teamed up with some of the most famous writers in the game to include: IZTHEWIZ QUIK REVOLT FUZZ GHOST SACH SIKE BOOTS119 LEE VICTOR161 CAVS KEY MIDG COPE VEN KET ALE TEEBAG170 and BLADE SAR’s work has been exhibited in shows in NYC AMSTERDAM AND LONDON HIs work has been published in numerous magazines and books and other related projects to include publications UNDER THE BRIDGE FROM THE PLATFORM, FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI, TAKING THE TRAIN, FUZZ ONE a Bronx childhood, and Elemental and hip hop connection magazine to name a few.

In 1991 He Was also featured in the Rap Video By THE LORDS OF BROOKLYN titled Bombing THe System. In the 1990s He is also featured in the graffiti documentaries Video Graff. SAR also worked on backdrop graffiti for the movie Sleepers. His other passion are old Cadillacs. SAR is the past Vice President of the Cadillac Club of LI., his 1979 Coupe DeVille is being featured in the upcoming John Travolta movie about John Gotti, And also was featured in the movie My Father My Don.